My Unique Style File

“A fashionable woman is always in love – with herself.” -La Rochefoucauld

What girl does not agree with that quote? However, I think, a fashionable woman is not only in love with herself. She is also in love with her life, friends, partners, career, traveling, discovering, thinking outside of the box, creating peace around herself. And of course, FASHION. I am definitely in love with Fashion and that love affair lead me to starting a blog as an outlet for my thoughts and ideas! My name is Alexandra and I currently reside in Toronto. Having been born in Europe, I have always based my fashion choices based on what fits with my personal style, and not necessarily comfort and opinions of others. I am a journalist but that one word hardly describes me as who I am as an individual. What does characterize me is my passion for all things new and exciting. Luckily, fashion world shares my passion and that’s why we are friends!

  1. woop woop! couldnt agree more chica!! go on with your bad self ill be checking out your blog! 😀 besos!! xx

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