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Favourite looks from New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011

In Designers, New York Fashion Week on February 16, 2011 at 7:52 PM

The one and only NWFW is almost over and after looking through dozens and dozens of images from the runways, I have picked two of my favourite shows: Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. I prefer designers who create wearable clothes that I could picture women around, including myself, wearing.

The fashion world lives a year ahead of us: Fall/Winter 2010 season is not over yet, and designers are already showing us what we are going to wear next winter. For those of you who say that runway shows don’t concern because you are ‘not interested’ in fashion, I have a reminder.

Even if you don’t buy high end clothes and shop in Old Navy, H&M, Winners or Gap, those stores stock clothes in accordance to the latest runway trends. So since the ‘It’ colour of this season was camel, you probably saw a lot of beige and camel trousers, sweaters and coats.

Key trends for Fall/Winter 2011:

– sheer fabrics -yes ladies, showing your bra is OK – depending on where you are going, of course

– socks with boots and sandals – something I cant wait to try once it gets a little warmer and also, in September

– Fur, faux-fur, vintage fur – whether you are pro-fur or anti-fur, having a vest or a jacket is an absolute must

– All-grey outfits – don’t be afraid to wear same-colour outfits

– Red pants – something I have been noticing during the NYFW is that a LOT of fashion editors and bloggers are wearing red trousers and jeans and of course, designers like Michael Kors is featuring the pant in his latest collection

– Midi skirt – midi means ‘medium-length’- I have heard girls complaining that it looks dreadful and too old-school. If styled CORRECTLY, midi skirt can be very flattering

Here are some of my favourite looks from the lovely all-American designer Michael Kors, who never disappoints:

Marc by Marc Jacobs:

all images via


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