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The most AMAZING woman in the fashion world

In Clothes, Shoes on December 6, 2010 at 4:01 PM

Forget Anna Wintour. Meet Anna Dello Russo. She has a separate apartment in Milan JUST for her clothes. She only wears an outfit once. Oh, and she also wears designer items that haven’t been shown at the Paris, Milan, London and NY Fashion Weeks just because fashion houses like Chanel, Versace, Balmain, Prada, etc. love her. Anna Dello Russo is currently working as a fashion director of Vogue Nippon (Japan), and has been working with Japanese and Italian Vogue for most of her career.

Also, she has the most amazing, unforgettable,outside-the-box style. What would she pick if asked to choose between clothes and shoes? “I would rather be naked, but wearing the most extraordinary shoes”.

Here are some of the advice that she has for dressing during the holiday season:

1. Don’t wear RED or GREEN outfits.
You will look alike a  Christmas tree.

2. Forget any COATS (also if outside it’s only 5 degrees).
You should make a big impactjust with your dress.

3. Choose a GOLD.
You will emphasize the idea to be a Christmas GIFT to unwrap.

4. Go to the hairdresser, facial,manicure and pedicure.
Don’t be worry to be OVER-DONE!

5. Choose between HAT and MAKEUP,
if you wear a hat keep fresh faceotherwise you will looks like a transvestite.

6. Wearing lots of JEWELLERY.
the sound of JEWELLERY banish bad thoughts and bad ghosts.

7. Focus on the SHOES.
Generally at Christmas party you spend a lot of time seated on the sofa.

8. Shoes have to carry all the magical atmosphere of Christmas:
Choose sparkling, shiny, eccentric, metallic, decorative, precious, brocade, extravagant, color-full, magnificent, enchanting, … PAIR OF SHOES.

9. Don’t be worry about your BAG,
you immediately will forget it on some chairs.

10.  Don’t throw yourself on the drinks and on the food.
It’s not POLITE!


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