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Real or faux?

In Clothes, Designers on October 29, 2010 at 11:52 AM

When it comes to wearing fur, so many opinions and stances are out there and for a good reason. When I was younger, I would wear fur and won’t even think twice about the process it takes to make a fur coat or a fur hat. However, as I was getting older and coming across PETA (an organization that fights against violent treatment of animals) videos, my opinions changed. Without a doubt, a white rabbit fur coat can update your look to being luxurious but thinking about how many rabbits were killed to make this coat is not so luxurious, right?

Nowadays, stores are swamped with faux furs and its easy to be trendy and make a statement and at the same time, not to spend a fortune on it. Below are some examples of inexpensive faux fur coats that I found on ASOS website. Similar fashions can be found in any major retailer store. I also picked a couple of real fur coats, so that we can compare prices and the looks of the clothes.

Here are the cheaper, faux fur options that will keep you warm during winter season (especially if you live in Canada, like me:))

These coats range from 70 pounds to 200 pounds. The price is listed in British pounds because it’s a London-based online store. If you want to convert prices into American dollars, simply divide pounds by 1.5.

Here are some very expensive, luxury fur coats:

All these gorgeous coats range from $1,500 to $2,500. These are of course high-end brands, like Burberry and Isabel Marant, more affordable real fur options can be found in department stores.

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