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LG Toronto Fashion Week – I wore red lipstick and I liked it!

In Clothes, Designers, Personal on October 27, 2010 at 12:58 PM

Going into the Toronto Fashion Week, I kind of knew what to expect and I kind of didn’t. I knew there were going to be a lot of gorgeous people dressed in even more gorgeous clothes, but what I didn’t except is the impact those few days I spent at the Fashion Week would have on me.

First of all, I confirmed what my gut was telling me all along: that fashion journalism is something that I am definitely interested in pursuing in the future.

Secondly, that Toronto I have  known for the past 5 years is NOT the Toronto I have seen at the Fashion Week. Wearing heels in the area where I live can be dangerous – truck drivers might get into an accident just because heels for them – is something so beautiful and something they don’t see very often – that it is out of the ordinary. At the fashion week, however, people give you weird looks if you are NOT wearing heels! I was so pleasantly shocked and surprised that I couldn’t keep a smile off my face.

Also, I made it my goal to socialize with people – and was lucky to find out that 99 percent of the fashion industry people are not as shallow as everybody think they are. Of course, there are always exceptions, however, again, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that as long as you dress appropriately, the fashion industry is ready to take you under its arm.

AND I wore a bright red lipstick and about 388,677 people complemented  how good it looked on me. Believe me, Fashion Week does wonders to self-esteem!

Enough of me talking, here are some picture from LGFW



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