My Unique Style File

Flats or heels, Dresses or skirts?

In Personal on October 13, 2010 at 11:22 PM


Blush or bronzer – Bronzer

Lipgloss or lipstick – lipgloss

Eye liner or mascara – mascara

Foundation or concealer – both

Brushes or spunges – brushes

Neutral or color eye shadow – neutral


Long or short – short

Acrylic or natural – natural

Brights or darks – usually brights, but depends on the mood


Lotion or body butter- lotion

Body wash or soap – both

Perfume or body spritz – perfume


Jeans or sweat pants – Jeans

Dresses or skirts – skirts

Stripes or plaid – stripes

Scarves or hats – both

Heels or flats – heels

Cowboy or riding boots – neither, but if I absolutely had to choose – riding

Jackets or hoodies – jackets

Pants or jeans – pants


Curvy or straight – straight

Bun or ponytail – bun

Sleek bun or messy bun – messy bun

Light or dark – light

Side bangs or full bangs – side bangs

Up or down – down

Straight or side part – straight



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