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What’s in my make-up bag?

In Personal on October 2, 2010 at 4:15 PM

My make-up bag. It’s not very big because since my face is still young and fresh (hopefully), I don’t like to pile it with tons of make-up – it never looks natural. Unless it’s Halloween of course – go all out on that day 🙂 So leave a make-up mask to older women who have to hide imperfections!

On days when I don’t have classes, work or any other fun activities (which never happens these days), i prefer to only go with foundation and mascara.When it comes time to vacations, my rule is no make up at all, and I usually only pack a mascara so that I won’t have temptations to put my make-up on and then let it melt in tropical heat. Besides, I think a little tan on your face is the best natural foundation that no brand can compete with.

Let’s start with foundation. In summer/fall, when my face has a touch of tan, I obviously use a darker shade. The one I am using right now is Yves Saint Laurent and I can honestly say that it is the best foundation I have ever tried. It doesn’t make your skin oily, it stays on forever and looks natural.

When my face was a little more pale, i.e. in spring, I used Make-up Forever High Definition foundation. Not much to say about it, except that it is a good foundation for a good price.

After I put foundation on, I continue with some eye shadow. Depending on where I am going, and whether its day or night, I go with different colours. If I am going to the university or work, I am going to put something light on. Like a gold eye shadow from the Urban Decay pallet.

Its an amazing palette. If you use the primer (that comes together with the eye shadow as you can see in the picture above), the colour stays on for hours and hours. I remember one day I left my home at 9 a.m. and when I got back at 1 a.m. all of my make-up was gone except my eye shadow 🙂 looked a little weird but kudos to the primer!

Sometimes I go with a smoky eye, but because of my face structure and skin tone, a very dark smoky eye does not look good on me. So instead on conventional gray-black smoky eye, i go with light blue-dark blue, which looks cool with my blue eyes.

After I am done with eye shadow (if I have any on), time to conceal those dark under-eye circles (I have them no matter how well  I eat and sleep). Guerlain luminating concealer is the best I have ever tried. Not only does it hide imperfections, it also gives your skin a healthy glow.

After I am done with the concealer, I usually use Chanel illuminator. I swear by this product! My boyfriend keeps telling me that my skin is glowing, although he does not know I am wearing the illuminator. The product is pricey but so worth it.

Following the illuminator, I put my Make-Up Forever mascara on. All I can say about it: super-duper! Stays on the whole day, lengthens my lashes and makes them thicker.

On some days I put a bronzer on. The one I am using right now is Terracota Light by Guerlain. It’s called Light after its texture. When I put it on, it does not look like a mask, which is the look most bronzers give you. It’s very subtle and looks amazing.

Time for lipgloss! There are many of them on the market and honestly, there isnt much of a difference except for a price and a colour 🙂 My favourites are Borjous, Dior, Sephora and Rimmel. Right now I am using the one by Dior in a pinkish colour. Love it!

Thats it for my make-up routine! Just wanted to add a quick word about my favourite nail polish. I normally use OPI since they have the best variety of colours and I think they are the best-quality nailpolish out there. The colour usually lasts 7 days until it starts to chip, but during those 7 days, I clean the house, I clean the dishes, I cook, etc. I love their red colour, so classy and elegant.

Another great find: Revlon. It dries really fast and has great colours, like this soft pink.

To finish this post, I wanted to show this cute cover of my Urban Decay eye shadow palette:

“We don’t do animal testing… How could anyone?”


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